SWI Token Bitcoin Cash

The (SWI) – SpeedWebdesigner token, is a digital asset integrated into the website team speedwebdesigner.net that works for more than 5 years in Brazil. the token SWI represents the value of our organization to our customers and the reliability of our services. Everyone who owns our asset SWI will be integrated directly into our website and the Digital Currency Blockchain Bitcoin Cash and has the ability to grow its market value in line with our investments in information technology. 


  • Total Assets Created: 15,000,000 (Fifteen Million)
  • Blockchain: Bitcoin Coin Cash (bitcoincash.org)
  • 90% – Distribution for direct sale to investors and Exchange Houses
  • 5% – Core team and developers
  • 2% – Listing in Exchange Houses
  • 2% - Marketing
  • 1% - Legal Advice