by Filipe Serrano

Review: in the plex

Biographies often show the little stories behind decisions that have had a big impact on the world. With In The Plex (no edition in Portuguese), it is no different, but the biographee, in this case, is Google. The latest book by technology writer and journalist Steven Levy, who writes for Wired magazine, traces the events behind Google's transformation into the biggest internet company - and by extension, the transformation of the web itself and the way we interact through it. her. The book-report was published in April in the USA and is the result of a two-year work that the writer spent living with Google employees inside the Googleplex – the complex of buildings where the search engine is located, in the city of Mountain View, in Silicon Valley, California. During this period, Levy conducted more than 200 interviews and participated in several meetings and meetings within the company. More than recounting remarkable passages – for example, how the search engine was created, the development of the ad system responsible for commercial success, the ideals of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin –, Levy provides a detailed portrait of the challenges that Google suffered in its 13 years of existence and how it dealt with them.